Lucrecia Bertomeu Príncep.

Masía Botargo Manager.

In 1921 the property was acquired by my great-grand father, who was already a farmer. Years later, my grandparents, Francisco and Elvira inherited the farm. Later on, their son Ramón, my father, became his owner. My father not only grew the orchard, but also showed me how to unconditionally love this land and develop the utmost respect for it.

Having finished my university studies of Translation and Interpreting, I decided to come back to my roots. I discovered that is here in L’Aldea, where I belong, where I want to be. Besides, I have always known who I am and where do I come from. That is the reason why, in 2015 I returned to my birthplace which I love so much.   Since then, I work every day to spread the passion I feel for this land, to make Deltebre known all over the world and what is more, to thank my ancestors for their dedication and effort.

Today, to welcome guests at the Masía Botargo, to make them feel at home and to be able to show them how amazing is the Ebro Delta, its biodiversity, gastronomy, culture and traditions, makes me feel so proud of myself.